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Cruisin' in memory of...

These things have been breeding for the past year. Taking up 70% of a vehicle's rear window, they honor either a deceased relative or deceased Dale Earnhardt.

So what, people are driving their cars especially for deceased persons? Like, they wouldn't normally drive?

"Hey. Let's go out and buy a 1987 Lincoln Continental. In memory of Dale. And we'll single-handedly save the economy while we're at it."

Do they decide they have an itch to honor grandpa so they grab the keys to the El Camino and go to Wal-Mart to grab some khakis made by children in a third-world country?

When they cut you off in traffic, is it to honor dear old dad who was an asshole on the road? "Dad would have liked the way I made that 18-wheeler almost jacknife. That one's for you, dad."

Do they go through McDonald's drive-thru to load up on the fats because dear Aunt Jane had high cholesterol and loved to stuff her face? "Poor dear, it was those Big Macs that did her in. She would have loved that double cheeseburgers were 99 cents now."

Babblin' in memory of no one in particular.
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