Very elite

I noticed this site, noticed that it never gets posts anymore. Pretty damn hilarious when you consider the posts prior to this one. I like the fact that you are all too elite even for yourselves. It's not like this is the Fortune 500 or the latest red carpet shindig. I doubt any of you are actually as elite as you pretend to be. So, get over yourselves. Have fun with this journal. Prove that you are indeed the 'sardonic elite'.
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I feel it is my duty as a member of the Sardonic Elite to point out that, as an elite group, someone ought to be able to correctly spell sardonicism in the interests section of the userinfo page.

Just a thought.
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breaking wind

I love this community. it's my favorite community. it's so elite, people don't post to it. I'm proud to be a member of an elite cadre too elite for itself. it might qualify as meta-elitism.

I Will contribute. here it is then: the douche-bag glossary.
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A synonym for the words "gewgaw" and "knickknack" is the borrowed French word "bibelot," which in translation means trinket.

OK, I know that the English language borrows from other languages, but this is going too far. What's wrong with just plain "thing"?! Let us not take on airs and affectations. We've stepped over the line, and the ominous threat exists-- perhaps society will become more cultured because of it.

Eh, I doubt it. That might've been plausible in the Victorian Age when everybody wished they were European, but now?
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And so she is introduced.

I once was ignorant of the State. Then I had faith in the State. Last I read three books on Anarchism and that faith was completely undermined.

What should this say about me? Am I a revolutionary in the making or am I just that easily swayed, thereby attesting to the fact that my scholastic endeavors are tinctured with subtle nationalistic propaganda?

Chutney should be more appealing than this. But for some reason, it's not.

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desperation is so very, very unattractive.

if i notice you, i notice you. don't impose yourself on me and try to MAKE me notice you.

people who have no pride in themselves make me sick.
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i'm patchworkshad, just saying hullo as that's custom i suppose.

i wanna live in AZ one day on a ranch called El Rancho de Cajones ("ranch of the balls")with a sign on the gate that reads: "Ring Door. Don't Feed the Llamas." For now I pretend and parade around the house nekkid in my leopard print cowboy hat. And when people ask WTF? I just reply, "well, ma'am we don't do that sorta thing in this here town."

i love Nj for all things abandoned, especially the forgotten amusement parks called insane asylums and those lovely resorts for by-gone ideas in the industrial parks and factories. no where else per capita are there such places to lounge about.

always up for adventures and what-have-you's, if you have any.
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good morning, it's nice to meet you all.

8:03am at work:

i stumble in and start making breakfast, coffee & neurontin.

Annoying woman walks in cheery & happy. She's wanting to make chit-chat because this is what she does to make her life all the more better. ah! to brag about weekend exploits over the coffee pot secretly hoping for some degree of an amusing work relationship we can share. oh joy and lucky me.

so! how was your weekend? Did you see Friends? and what about this weather, huh?! oh, watcha do to your hand? that's a nasty scratch!

... you should see my back.

exit stage left.
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