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Exams are a pointless and anachronistic method of evaluating students.

My word of the day is: FUTILE!
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I hear ya. I got finals next week, and it fuckin' sucks.
Exams are good for the top percent and to identitfy the wanna bes.
There are two kinds of people in the world mice and falcons. Mice hide in their dark little worlds longing for cheese and their girl friends.
They are filled with fear.
The falcon flies high in the sunlight and can not even speak mouse language.
The mice are afraid of the falcon but there is no reason since falcons kill birds. When a falcon tips over for a 160 mph attack it is all business.
Even if you could tape wings to the little mouse arms and get him off the ground he would not like it. The mouse is afraid of heights and likes cheese not blood.
The worse thing a falcon could do is to land and let the mice influence his life and jump on him. He has no business on the ground or associating with them.
His wings are principles and he lives to kill eagles, hawks and other important enemies. It is a terrible waste for a baby falcon to think he is a mouse and stagger around in the dust trying to speak mouse language.
The falcon